SleepTracks Reviews – I Think They’re Missing The Point

I’ve read several reviews for Sleeptracks and almost all of them concentrate on the brainwave entrainment part of Yan Muckle’s program. In fact, the reviews spend most of their time talking about whether the isochronic tones embedded in Yan’s entrainment soundtracks help them fall asleep or stay asleep. There seems to be about a 60/40 split between those it helps and those it doesn’t.

Many of the “reviews” are simply marketing sites trying to get an affiliate link (I am too, but not so over-the-top).

I’ve reviewed Sleeptracks before on this site, but I can’t help but comment again about my own experience.


SleepTracks Reviews

Here’s my point. I found Sleeptracks early in my days of chronic insomnia. I went through the entire program (5 online videos – some longer, some shorter) and listened to all the tracks (5 in total). I figured that if the $69 package resolved the insomnia issue, it would be a bargain.

At first, I really thought the entrainment tracks were helping me – there was one for general insomnia, another for falling asleep, and yet another to play all night. The soundtracks are actually quite soothing, but after a few months of trying every night, and measuring my sleep with a Zeo Sleep Monitor, there was no measurable difference.

But that’s not the point.


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My point is that Yan’s program got me up to speed with my insomnia, and the factors that likely affect it, super fast. I now know more about my own condition than anyone should have to. And I credit Sleeptracks for starting me on this journey.

If the brainwave entrainment soundtracks helps you sleep, than this is a home run. If all you do is try and see if they work, and they don’t, then all you gain is a pretty good understanding of your condition and where to go next.

For me, it started the whole process of writing a blog about sleep (thanks for visiting). I think this is a good enough program that I’ve asked to become an affiliate of Yan’s (links are in the text of this post – again, thanks).

In all of my research there is one overwhelming common denominator in conquering my insomnia – knowledge. With SleepTracks, The Zeo Sleep Management System, and reading everything I can about insomnia I can say I have a pretty good handle on my condition, and can manage it (it has never really gone away) quite well…