Snoring Remedies for a More Restful Sleep

If you have a partner who has been rattling the pictures off your walls every night because of their incessant snoring, then you are not alone. Roughly 45% of adults occasionally snore, and more than half of them also experience sleep apnea, which can lead to several severe complications.

Why do we snore?

People snore because the air passages in the throat and mouth have become unstable. This volatility leads to a vibration in the soft palate tissues, which triggers the snoring.


Snoring Remedies

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Can it be cured?

While there is no permanent cure for snoring, there are a number of simple and effective ways you can tone down its volume. A lifestyle change is just one of them, and listed below are a few of the tips on how you can help remedy your snoring problems.

  1. Sleep on your side – certain sleep positions can increase your chances of not giving your partner shut eye. Lying on your back, for instance, adds tension on your tongue and soft palate, which leads to snoring. As you are in an unconscious state, ask your partner to move you onto your side or cuddle a body pillow to prevent you from falling on your back again.
  2. Shed those extra pounds – when you gain weight, the weight in your neck can squeeze your throat and trigger snoring. By exercising and getting back in shape, you can lessen your chances of heavily snoring at night.
  3. Cut down on your alcohol intake – drinking alcohol a few hours before bedtime greatly increases your chances of waking up your partner. As alcohol soothes your throat muscles, your air passages tends to close off, which induces the snoring. If you can’t say no to drinking, then give yourself at least 4 hours before going to bed, which is enough time for your body to fully absorb the alcohol.
  4. Quit the smoking habit – smokers are more likely to snore because this nasty habit clogs the airways preventing you from breathing properly, especially at night. If you want to minimize your snoring, then try to quit reaching for that pack of cigarettes.
  5. Improve your sleeping habits – get enough rest and try not to overly tire yourself. When you are always working overtime and sleeping only in the wee hours of the morning, you end up with extremely tired muscles that can also set off your snoring.
  6. Take a hot shower before bedtime – before calling it a night, refresh your body with a warm shower or bath that can help open up your airway passages.
  7. Change your bedding and pillows – snoring can also be triggered by allergies, especially if you sleep with your furry pet. To get rid of dust mites and allergens in your bedroom, make sure to change your bedding and pillow cases as often as possible.
  8. Drink lots of water – dehydration can cause your palates to stick together, which can elicit snoring. At best, make sure to drink at least 12 cups of water a day.

Follow these 8 steps and you and your partner will soon enjoy the quiet slumber you have always longed for.

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